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Welcome to HOTROD Septic’s exclusive dealer-only product page. We are constantly working to develop new products using our unique, proprietary formula. Check out our current line of professional-grade Septic System Treatment Products for Plumbers and Pumpers below. Feel free to reach out with any questions.

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  • Patented technology provides biological stimulation at the cellular level
  • Digests grease, oil, paper, salts, organic matter & even petroleum products
  • Reduces potential contamination within the system
  • Reduces solids & Sludge
  • Reduces or eliminates septic odors
  • Improves percolation in the leach field
  • Lowers potential groundwater contamination
  • Sustainable Technology
HOTROD Pro Septic Treatment


Septic Treatment

16oz, 6-month treatment

  • Available only through septic / plumbing professionals
  • 3x the strength as our standard residential product
  • Used in septic tanks, drain fields, & cesspools
  • Used as a leach field additive by pumpers
  • Works in both AEROBIC or ANAEROBIC Systems
  • Maintenance product:
    One bottle = 6 month treatment
HOTROD FOG Grease Trap Treatment


Fats, Oils, & Grease

16oz, 2-month Treatment

  • Available only through septic / plumbing professionals
  • Specifically designed to digest fats, oils, & grease
  • Product suspends in grease traps for high flow situations
  • Maintenance product:
    One bottle = 2 month treatment
HOTROD FLO Enzymatic Drain Maintenance


Drain Maintenance

16oz, 8 applications

  • Available only through plumbing / septic professionals
  • Degrades sludge and grime in drain systems
  • Increases grease trap and septic system efficiency
  • Maintenance product:
    One bottle = 8 applications
HOTROD 911 Emergency Septic and Drain Field Maintenance


911 Emergency Septic Treatment

1 Gallon

  • Extremely Concentrated Formula
  • Patented Technology
  • Improved Leach Field Performance
  • Reduced or Eliminated Odors
  • Safe for all Septic Systems
  • Easy to Use Treatment
  • Applied only by authorized
    plumbing / septic professionals

Easy to Use, and it Works!

How to become a dealer

It’s really simple to become a HOTROD Septic dealer. Just provide some basic company information through our dealer application form and we will give you a call to finish setting up your account.

“As a wastewater superintendent I have used many products to reduce or eliminate fats, oils, and greases in lift stations and pump stations. HOTROD™ FOG has been the most effective, showing a noticeable reduction in just TWO WEEKS and almost complete elimination after a month of weekly treatments. The company is also very helpful and supportive. I have started using HOTROD™ FOG in all of the lift stations I manage and have recommended it to other communities I contract with.”

Brad Duncan

Superintendent, City of Fairbury Wastewater Department

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