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Over 40 years of experience creating innovative ways to manage waste in a sustainable and organic biological system. Find out about all the Hotrod Septic Company Information right here!

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Our History

HOTROD Septic was founded in 2018 after breakthrough discoveries and success in the commercial manure management sector.

On a larger scale, HOTROD’s parent company works to manufacture sustainable and organic agricultural products for large confined animal facilities to deal with common manure issues: Odor, Sludge, Solids and Contamination.

They treat 1-50 Million gallons of material at a time and can achieve full digestion with this proprietary formulation. After seeing some of the pictures of a fully digested lagoon, a family member asked if they could formulate something that would do that in a septic system. About 2-months into testing, he called to come look at a tank he had treated with the new formulation. It was completely water. The product had fully digested the waste in the tank.

Everything started right there. As a family with over 40 years working in the septic industry, this experience made a great platform for testing and trials. As 3rd party data was collected, it soon became clear that this was the best septic treatment ever created.

Since the success of its first residential septic treatment product — HOTROD Septic 180  — the company has now added a number of other waste treatment products including HOTROD Septic & Drain Field Treatment, HOTROD RV Holding Tank Treatment, and a complete line of professional-grade septic maintenance products available through authorized dealers.

HOTROD Septic Cleaner

Solve Septic Problems Forever

Improve Percolation in the Leach Field

When the water moves through the soil faster, there’s no risk of pooling wastewater near the drainfield.

Works Like Your Own Digestion Process

Proprietary Technology … Breaks down large molecules of Grease, Oil, Paper, Salts and more into smaller and smaller pieces.

Easy and Safe to Use with All Systems

Combine packet to liquid in the bottle and Flush! That’s it! HOTROD is designed for both anaerobic and aerobic systems.​

Good For The Environment

By using HOTROD Septic, you’re helping to reduce contamination in our wells, waterways, and groundwater that start at your Septic System.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

All septic systems emit carbon dioxide, methane, ammonia, and hydrogen sulfide. Most homeowners don’t know that! HOTROD Septic is the king of reducing carbon emissions. This product is Carbon Neutral and Sustainable.

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