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Healthy Septic Systems = Happy Homeowners.

Improperly maintained Septic Systems can be costly, and disgusting. HOTROD Septic is the most effective treatment on the market!

Breathe a sigh of relief knowing your Septic System is (always) running like new!

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Prevent Expensive Repairs

Extend the Life Of Your System

Eliminate all Septic Odors

Our Customers Love HOTROD Septic!

It’s easy to brag about how great our product is… we invented it after working in the industry for over 40 years! Don’t take our word for it. Here’s what our customers are saying!

“I found something, in 38 years (of being in the Septic industry) that actually WORKS.” – Steve


Extremely intriguing when you see the results!


It was the best money spent! I didn’t need to pump the tank!

Septic Installer

I’ve been a Septic Installer for over 40 years and I can honestly say this product will revolutionize the industry.

Septic Installer

This product helps the environment AND it works better than anything we have ever used!


My septic system was draining slow and there was a thick crust on top when I opened the tank. 1 week after using HOTROD our system was working like new!

Company Owner

The leach lines are flowing again after being clogged for the last 15 years!


Solve Septic Problems Forever

Improve Percolation in the Leach Field

When the water moves through the soil faster, there’s no risk of pooling wastewater near the drainfield.

Works Like Your Own Digestion Process

Proprietary Technology …Digests Grease, Oil, Paper and Salts to prevent them from traveling into the leachfield.

Easy and Safe to Use with All Systems

Combine packet to liquid in the bottle and Flush! That’s it! HOTROD is designed for both anaerobic and aerobic systems.​

Longer Life Expectancy of Septic Tank

Hydrogen Sulfide in the presence of water vapor produces sulfuric acid that is extremely corrosive.  HOTROD extends the life of the septic system by lowering ammonia & hydrogen sulfide gases that deteriorate the septic tank over time.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

All septic systems emit carbon dioxide, methane, ammonia, and hydrogen sulfide. Most homeowners don’t know that! HOTROD septic is the king of reducing carbon emissions. 

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See The Difference For Yourself!

HOTROD Septic Outperforms all Other Products on the Market See How!


Three Great Options

Yearly Subscription 2-Pack

Yearly Subscription 2-Pack

Save by subscribing yearly on two treatments


12-Month Supply - Save by subscribing! Get two 6 month treatments delivered annually.

911 Emergency Septic Treatment

911 Emergency Septic Treatment

Concentrated 911 Emergency Treatment designed for ...


Concentrated Treatment for Septic Systems with Urgent/Current Issues.

HOTROD Septic Treatment

HOTROD Septic Treatment

Adds Bacteria and Enhances the growth of bacteria that ...


6 Month Supply - Extends Life of System and Prevents Costly Repairs

Frequently Asked Questions



The septic tank holds wastewater from the home until solid debris settles at the bottom of the tank (the sludge layer) and lighter waste, such as oil, rises to the top to form the scum layer. Between the two layers lies clarified liquid, which flows into an outlet pipe and is gradually dissipated through a drain field. Bacteria in the septic tank naturally break down organic waste matter and slow the accumulation of the sludge layer. 


A lack of biological activity. As the microbiology is killed by anti bacterial products and soap we quickly start degrading the septic system which results in a build up of solids and anaerobic material.


Hotrod adds and enhances the microbiology within the septic system to rid your system of sludge and solids. As the product makes its way into the drain field it starts to focus on the bio-blanket as well as the sodium in the soil to improve percolation in the drain field.


Yes it is. You simply apply the dry packet to the liquid material and flush. If you have access to the top of your septic tank we recommend stirring the crust and applying the product directly to the tank. It can also be directly added to the field with no issues. ​ Can hotrod be used on an aerobic system? Hotrod can be used on an aerobic system with no issues. It is designed for both anaerobic and aerobic systems.​